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Director’s Letter

Dear Website Visitor:

The Mississippi Gaming Commission has been serving the citizens of Mississippi, gaming patrons, and the gaming industry since it became an independent agency in 1993. During these years, we have witnessed both the unprecedented growth and economic development of the gaming industry, as well as weathered the natural disasters of Hurricane Katrina and the Mississippi River Flood of 2011. Through both extremes, I am proud to say, the MGC has held true to its mission guarding the integrity of gaming in the State, maintaining public confidence in the industry, and ensuring economic development is completed in the citizen’s best interest.

This website contains information designed to help you understand the work of the Mississippi Gaming Commission. In addition, this site also contains public information reports on the activity of the state-regulated casinos, forms and procedures, and related gaming links. You are welcome to download and use the information at your discretion. If you desire any additional data that is not found on this site, we have included a request form that should assist you.

We truly hope you will find this website informational and useful.


Jay McDaniel
Executive Director
Mississippi Gaming Commission

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